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swUtilizing a hub is the slightest costly approach to associate PCs together. A hub is a basic gadget that goes on data parcels from one PC to the various PCs it coordinates with. Every PC gets the data and unravels in the event that it was implied for it or not.

This works fine to network a couple of PCs that won't be exchanging vast bundles of data. Data bundles must be exchanged each one in turn through the hub or impacts happen. At the point when a few PCs take a stab at exchanging data in the meantime, it backs off the exchange rate for everybody on the LAN (neighborhood).

A hub is a straightforward bit of hardware. It serves as an exchange gadget that just take data got through one port and sends it out through the various ports. It has a layer one capacity for exchanging data.

A hub utilizes a telecast model. At the point when utilizing a hub, on the off chance that anybody on the system is downloading a vast record, it backs off everybody's rate of exchanging data. On the off chance that you have four or more PCs in your home and do a considerable measure of multi-player gaming, you will see a critical contrast between utilizing a center point and a switch.

While interfacing a few PCs, a considerable measure of data activity is gone forward and backward through a hub, once in a while making data congested driving conditions. A switch in the system will eliminate the superfluous data activity. The switch can just go on just the data tended to that specific PC.

With an Ethernet switch, the system is isolated into various extensions and every PC is appointed it's own particular Ethernet port. At the point when parcels of data are gotten, the switch figures out which PC the bundle is to be conveyed to and sends on the data just to that PC. Numerous associations can happen in the meantime without huge loss of velocity.

We already specified that hubs are considered as a level one capacity for exchanging data. Changes are thought to be a level two or more and can deal with most systems administration needs. A switch is a switch with a level 3 work that can convey between various sorts of associations, permitting you to interface with the web (WAN) and also to your own system (LAN).

All things considered, both hubs and switches look practically similar, however their capacity contrasts enormously. An Ethernet switch will cost more than a center, since it has the additional insight a center point needs. You should figure out which is the best decision for your system.

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opYou have just come back from your holidays, you dust off your printer, pop in a camera memory card and set off printing your pictures only to find your printer isn't working properly. Now before writing your printer off, here are a few tips and ideas to help prolong your printer lifespan and to get it working perfectly again.

Keep It Clean

You would think this is a pretty obvious point, but it is amazing how many people neglect to clean their printers.

Everything needs a clean now and again to keep it working properly, especially printers. In order to aid with the printing process, ink and toner contain additives such as wax, drying agents and lubricants all of which, expectantly, get into all the little cracks of the printer after long print jobs. A build-up of this will cause mechanical parts to stick and seize and cover important sensors in your printer.

The best way to clean your printer is to first turn it off. Next you will need a small brush (A clean, fine Bristle paint brush works well) to clean off excess dust in and around the printer exterior. For the interior and mechanical parts, I tend to use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on a small cotton ball and gently dab out the thickest chunks of ink, followed with a dry paper towel to polish. NEVER use water inside your printer, Isopropyl Alcohol evaporates very quickly and leaves very little liquid residue behind.

Be Gentle When Unblocking Paper

When paper is jammed DO NOT pull the paper out through the output tray. Doing this is harmful to the paper wheels which feeds the paper through and can also tear the paper, leaving behind bits of torn paper, which will harm your printer later.

Most printers come with a rear hatch which will allow you access to the printer wheels and where the paper jam is likely to be. Once the jam is located be careful when removing the paper to avoid bending or harming any parts of the printer.

Use Your Printer Often

It is a common recommendation from most manufacturers to keep your printer in regular use. Regular use will prevent ink from clogging your printer heads which can result in smudgy results or missing colours. Regular use will also prevent dust from settling inside your printer which will ultimately improve the printers performance.

Quality Paper Helps A Lot!

To the naked eye, printer paper looks all the same; however, printer paper comes in many different types. One of the main measurements for paper is its grammage or density of the paper. Paper with less density or a lower grammage is often cheaper and probably the choice of most people looking to save a few pennies, the drawback is that low density paper, due to its flimsiness, are more likely to cause paper jams which can ultimately damage your printer. A grammage of 90g/m2 is the industry standard for high quality printer paper.

Avoid Cheap Compatible Inks and Toner

Ink and Toner is expensive, this is fact. It is very tempting to use compatible, refilled or remanufactured ink and toner to cut back on the cost of printing but new, original cartridges are by far the best and safest to use. It is like putting a compatible or used engine part into your car instead of the manufacturer approved part, it may work at first but the performance of the car will be affected and you are likely to break down.

Printer Ink comes with a print yield, which is an estimated number of prints that can be done until the cartridge runs out. Original ink cartridges can produce anywhere between 1000 to 1 million prints before it expires.

fgIf you're only using your multifunction printer (MFP) to print or copy reports and occasionally scan a document, you're not getting the most out of your office equipment. MFPs are often underutilized in offices that primarily use them for printing and copying. But these multi-tasking devices are highly versatile and offer many benefits outside of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Here are some ways you should consider incorporating your MFP into your business processes:

• Automate Paper Workflows - By simply connecting your MFP to a business application, you can scan paper documents on your MFP and quickly move them to a business process. You may route the scan directly to a document management system, or email it directly to a client. This allows you to automate your business processes that currently exist on paper by converting the paper documents to electronic workflows. Some manufacturers are integrating retractable QWERTY keyboards into their MFPs to simplify adding notations and indexing the documents that are scanned. Not only is this convenient, it also saves time by not having to go back to your desk to locate and open the file a second time in order to add notes and index.

• Maximize Faxing - Fax files directly to desktops on your network to improve productivity and enhance your ability to collaborate with colleagues on office projects. Desktop faxing also eliminates the need to produce a paper copy of a file or document just to run it through the fax machine to send it to someone outside your office. This saves valuable time and reduces paper waste.

• App it Up - Some MFPs now come equipped with cloud connectivity and app capabilities, allowing you to do a variety of things. Connect to your Google account or upload a file to your customer relationship management system by using simple, user-friendly apps at the MFP.

• Incorporate Vertical-specific Solutions - Many MFPs allow users to customize and enhance their devices for their specific industry. Solutions for education, healthcare, legal, government offices, and many more are available, helping to enhance security safeguards while controlling costs. For example, advanced education software allows teachers to print bubble sheet tests on demand and grade the exams in minutes. And highly secure healthcare software allows doctors to print prescriptions with anti-copy and anti-counterfeit features.

Few businesses have taken the necessary steps to ensure that their multifunction devices are optimized to work within their specific print and document environment. But, your MFP is more than a copier and printer. Learning more about how to maximize your MFPs functions and streamline your business processes will pay considerable dividends.

prrPutting a projector outdoors?

Deploying a projector outside, no matter if it's for advertising, an event or your very own outdoor home theater, there are some challenges you should be aware of.<>#1. Brightness of the projector.

One of the most important questions, is what time of day will you be using the projector outside? This simple question can make or break a solution, because if the daylight is too bright, the projected image will not be seen and it will be a complete waste of time investing in the hardware for this solution. The other option is go for a high lumens projector; however this does push the price up considerably.

#2. Usage - frequently or occasional use?

Again this is another deciding factor, do you intend on throwing outdoor movie parties throughout the summer? If so, investing in the hardware solution is the right answer for you, otherwise if you are only going to use it occasionally, due to other commitments such as golf or the kids, you need to rethink if putting a projector in your backyard is right for you.

#3. Weather.

Are you going to install a permanent or temporary solution? Meaning every time you want to use your outdoor movie theater you have to put all the hardware outdoors and when the movie night is over, put everything back in the garage until next time. A temporary solution needs no special solution, compared to a permanent solution.

Using weatherproof enclosure for projectors could be the answer, as these specialised cases ensure the hardware is protected from the weather no matter what Mother Nature can through at you! A solution can be seen at

#4. Security of your backyard.

Most homes have some kind of security, but what about your backyard? Especially when you are investing your hard earned cash in the movie projector, the last thing you want is to find your video projector stolen!

#5. Movie screen.

What will you be using as the movie screen? You can use almost anything, from the side of your garage or home, through to an inflatable projector screen; these inflatable screens can be found at Walmart for less than $60!

Like everything, it does come down to budget and how much time and money you intend on investing in to your home. Some people go the whole 9 yards and remodel their backyard, to include a swimming pool, hot tub and outdoor movie theater.

#6. Cables and desktop TV box.

Think about how you will get the TV signal to the projector if you intend on screening your favourite football games, or TV soaps. What cables do you need and do you have them in the required length, or will you need custom cables making that are extra-long and robust for outdoor use? Time to do it is now!

Spring is around the corner, summer is not too far behind. So if you are thinking about doing something like this, cover the above possible issues and you will be good to go. Remember that projectors are built for indoor use and not outdoors.