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maMany people who use ink for their printer on a regular basis will know that these products can be particularly pricey. This is especially the case when people invest in original brand name printer products. However, there are several alternatives on the market.

The market for compatible toner is very large, due to the need for affordable printer ink cartridges. However, not all compatible toner cartridges are made equal, and care should be taken when selecting the right product to purchase.

There are many benefits to using compatible ink cartridges rather than brand name products. Here are some of the main advantages that you can enjoy if you decide to use an alternative option instead.

Firstly, the most significant advantage of using non brand name products is the fact that they are often significantly cheaper. Ink can be very expensive, and therefore the savings of these alternative products are often greatly appreciated by shoppers.

When looking for these alternative products, search for ones that offer quality as well as affordability. Unfortunately, this is often quite hard to judge. There are many companies offering alternatives to brand-name cartridges, but, as mentioned above, not all of these cartridges are made equal.

With this in mind, look for a company that has very good customer testimonials. Positive customer feedback will tell you whether the company's products are actually worth the money they are asking for. A great deal of authentic, positive feedback is a good sign that you will be getting value for money.

Another advantage of alternative printer cartridges is the fact that they are often eco-friendly compared to their brand name counterparts. There are even some companies that specialise in producing recycled printer cartridges with printer ink inside.

These eco-friendly printer cartridges can be just as good as the brand name ones. They are also the perfect option for those people who are very conscious about their use of plastic products and do not want to fill up landfill sites with their used packaging.

On the other hand, even some of the most value printer cartridges can actually be more printer friendly than brand name products. The reason for this is that they often useless packaging or recycled packaging as a way to make their products cheaper.

You may have noticed that some alternative printer cartridges can look less sturdy or have less substance to them packaging-wise than the original brand. This is often because they are economising on packaging for costs' sake. This means that you can make significant savings and be eco-friendly, often regardless of the compatible toner that you buy for your printer.

Another advantage of buying these less expensive products is that there is often far more choice on the market. When you buy a brand name product there is often only one key choice for your particular kind of printer. This is not the case when you buy alternative options.

What this means is that there are many different companies who are selling alternative cartridges. This means that you have a range of choice in colour, texture and appearance of ink on the page compared to the original product. This may or may not be a positive thing for you.

It could be a positive thing if you are not satisfied with the original quality of the brand name products. Sometimes, the quality and colour of ink that is provided by alternative brands is as good as or even better than the original product. This is of course, entirely subjective.

However, this does mean that there is ultimately more choice on the market. If you are not satisfied with your original brand name product, you might as well try a compatible ink cartridge, and see what the results are like. If you like the product you can continue with it, if you don't you can try another brand and see if you get better results the next time.

These are just a few of the main benefits to using alternative printer ink cartridges. From saving money to saving the planet, there are several compelling reasons why you should consider this option next time you want to replace the ink in your printer.

effElectronics often work overtime inside of 2015 homes and places of business. Computers, stereos, televisions and more are used all day every day by professionals and those seeking entertainment, and although they are built to last by most companies, they still need some regular maintenance.

One way to minimize the amount of maintenance is with the installation of a fan tray assembly. As most electronic components are stored within one area, these assemblies can control dust and debris in and around these items and keep them from overheating.

When a laptop is turned on, one can hear a light "whirring" noise. They often disregard it but that is the internal fan, working hard to keep the internal components of the device clean as possible. This is the same concept as installing a fan tray assembly in a space where electronics are housed or kept.

All Sizes

A fan tray assembly can come in all sizes and with fans in most cases. A standard assembly will have about three fans with space for more depending on the buyer's needs. Optimal cabinet cooling is the main benefit for installing this assembly.

From the right supplier, the fan tray assembly will be prewired for easy installation. The best options are made durable to prevent outside elements from damaging them. Installers should also inquire as to the voltage and about other related accessories such as filters, which often do not come with the fan tray assembly or the fans.


The fan tray assembly is often quite affordable on an average of about $150 or so. It offers the user an easy way to mount several fans for the best cooling capabilities. When compared to the price of having to replace electronics, it's certainly a fair trade off.

Buyers should be sure they are getting the fan tray assembly from a well-known supplier so that they get their money's worth. If all goes as it should, they will end up saving money in the long run!

Other Useful Accessories

While upgrading or installing a fan tray assembly, one may wish to consider other elements that can prolong the life of their new fans and give them the best performance.

  • Fan mounts are one addition to any assembly that is completely worth the small investment. Many find mounts necessary to get the perfect fit within the cabinet. The mounts are rubberized and can help reduce the white noise that comes from one or more fans.
  • As mentioned before, filters are invaluable as they help keep out what little dust makes it to the cabinet and collect even smaller particles to keep them from affecting electronics. Dust build up can cause electronics to overheat and fail.
  • Fan guards are another component that strangely is not always included with fans. Not only do they protect fingers they also prevent other objects from hitting the fan blades and destroying the fan.
  • A dependable power cord is a priceless addition to any assembly. There are actually "green" power cords that are made to turn off when the cabinet or area has reached the desired, cooled down temperature. This can easily save money for the user by using less electricity throughout the day. It also saves time by eliminating the need to turn the fan on and off manually.

Any or all of these accessories in addition to the fan tray assembly can give one the perfect setup at home or in the workplace. Protecting one's expensive electronics is a smart move, and will help truly get the full investment out of them, as well as maximum hours of enjoyment.

d2When a hard drive disaster occurs, many factors are looked at in order to rescue the drive. You must find out what the disaster is and which computers can have it, what tools are needed to recover the drive and how to prevent it.

Firstly, there are many ways a hard drive can crash. The point of a hard drive is storage, and if a crash occurs there is a chance of losing everything on your computer. Whether it's a PC or Mac, hard disks work the same way. The difference is the size or how much storage it can carry. A crash can occur through many ways such as worn out circuitry, misuse, a virus or malfunction. Although a hard disk is designed to die after a long time of usage, the life of the drive can decrease if mishandled, over used or if there is a wiring fault where the head and logic board are connected. When disasters such as these happen, the way to solve the problem is to rescue the drive's data.

Another component to a hard drive disaster is what tools are needed to recover it. If the drive crashes and all data is lost you need a data recovery software in order to retrieve the lost data back. The amount of recovery all depends on the computer usage after the hard drive crash and the definite file system damage. One can try to recover data from a crashed hard drive at home, but this requires careful steps and further damage can be added if a small mistake is made. The best thing to do when one is unsure of a solution to a hard drive disaster is to take the drive to a professional who will have a higher chance of recovering the drive properly.

Lastly, when losing your data once and retrieving a new drive, there are more cautions and steps to prevent this problem from occurring again. One thing to remember is how the drive is handled. If it is treated safely and not thrown around or mistreated, there is less chance of a problem. This includes cautious plugging and unplugging and keeping the drive around a clear area (away from dust, dirt e.t.c). Another way is to save energy and take breaks between computer use to stop the drive from overheating. A good amount of time for breaks would be around 20 minutes. Finally, the most important facet is to back up your data as often as possible incase another fail occurs. This way, any important data will not be lost.

Overall, a hard drive disaster is common and whether it can be recovered or not; being aware of the drive's issue, how you can fix the crash and how you can prevent it are all very important.

f6First question is what software are you using for your business? If you're using Microsoft Office, an accounting package of some sort, and any other locally installed software you'll need to know what the system requirements are for each software package. The good news is nearly every software package will either have requirements listed on the box or it can easily be found online.

Also think about how many of the applications you use are "Cloud" based meaning they don't run on your computer but are typically websites that you go to in your browser and login. These don't have much if any system requirements on your PC as nothing needs to run on your computer. If your entire suite of business applications is online, then you can save a lot of money by purchasing a computer with lower specs.

As a good baseline here's what I'd recommend for an entry level, mid-range and high performance PC. Note by the time you read this, technology has likely already changed. You'll want to get an i3 processor as an entry level PC, an i5 processor for a mid-range (most common) and an i7 processor if you want serious performance. I'd recommend 8 GB of RAM in any option and unless you plan on storing a huge amount of files locally, a 500 GB hard drive should suffice.

Next take a look at your office layout. What physical size computer would be best? Computers nowadays come in varying sizes from standard tower to ridiculously tiny. Keep in mind however that the smaller sizes are more difficult to find parts for as they are non-standard. This means you can't run to your local PC retailer and buy a power supply in a pinch for example.

So now that you've got the size and performance figured out there's of course your budget. I always recommend buying as high as you can reasonably afford without going into the "Cutting edge" technology that you'll pay a premium for.

Make sure you stay away from big box retail stores that seem to have ridiculously low prices on computers. Although it may seem like you're getting a great deal, here are some things to consider and you'll usually find the big box stores fail at all of them.

  • Robustness of the system. Is it cheap and plasticy or built solid?
  • How long is the warranty? A commercial grade PC will usually come with 3 years out of the box.
  • Does the warranty include on-site support or will you need to drag it back to the retailer?
  • Does the warranty or retailer include phone support if you have any questions?
  • What version of Windows does it come with? For business you'll want the "Professional" version of whatever operating system is included, ie Windows 8 Professional. This is especially critical if you're planning to scale up your business in future and eventually get a server.

The answers to these questions factor hugely into the price. Remember, the big box stores primary mission is to sell product. Service is not their specialty so don't be surprised if you call to get help and end up quickly realizing the person or the department you purchased from really isn't as willing or able to help as you thought.

Ideally you want to purchase from an IT consulting company. These guys are specialists in technology and work hand in hand with small businesses. They typically provide on-site to your office support, installation and consultation and are more than happy to spec out and custom build you a computer that will match your needs perfectly.

You may pay a bit more but you'll get a lot more bang for your buck and a team of techs at your disposal. They will also typically track your purchases and be able to ensure any future purchases are fully compatible with your technology as your business grows.

vgThere's a quiet hero within the fan filter unit assembly for your cabinet that most don't notice or give regard to. It's the fan filter! Silently filtering dust particles it provides many benefits to the electronics inside.

Though most fans come with the filter, they can also be purchased separately from the fan filter unit. Many find they need replacing, or even worse yet that their unit didn't come with one. (gasp!) If the unit is without, the fan is at risk.

A typical plastic fan filter unit is designed for use on fan sizes 40mm to 162/172mm. The most carefully crafted allow the greatest amount of air to flow through them while keeping noise low and preventing electronics from overheating. Don't risk system failure or data loss when these fan filter units can protect the investment with ease.

A Clean Cabinet

Though filters do slow airflow a bit, the tradeoff is well worth it in regards to the benefits for the fan filter unit as a whole. Unless one cleans their cabinet from dust daily, which no one has time for; they will praise the mint condition that their cabinet is in due to the addition of a fan filter unit.

In a home with children, animals and the like it certainly pays to invest in a filter unit to prevent dog hair and dust from clogging up electronics and basically killing them before their time. Then one is left with an even bigger bill of replacing that component rather than investing a simple few dollars on a filter.

Longer Hardware Life

Electronics can easily overheat due to dust build up, it happens every day. As stated previously, with as much as people spend on computers, audio equipment, gaming systems and the like it pays to make a small investment in a fan filter unit for your cabinet fan.

Everyone has noticed how quickly dust can build up around computers and televisions. These devices act as a magnet pulling the dust to them with ease, which is why a fan filter unit is necessary in order to deter that dust as much as possible. Though many computers and such come with a fan installed to do so, it's typically just not enough which is why professionals and smart owners house their cabinetry with a fan to aid in the job.

Can be Easily Cleaned

Though cost for a new filter is minimal, many don't want to foot the bill for new. They'll be happy to know that filters can be cleaned. Most who engage in this method to get the longest filter life possible engage in cleanings weekly or bi-weekly. Even monthly cleanings can make a difference.

Clean your dust filter:

  • Carefully removing the filter from the fan
  • Rinse it under gently flowing, lukewarm water
  • Mild dish detergent can be used
  • A soft rub with the fingers can get stubborn dust clumps off
  • Be sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back

This unit will last much longer and perform better with a regular cleaning, or replacement is always an option.

Filters can be purchased in electronics stores but also online for minimal cost. In fact, many distributors will offer discounts on fan filter units purchased in bulk. It's best to inquire with the company itself to see what offers they have.

Regardless, a fan filter unit is an important investment into the health of the fan, and the protection of all the electronics kept within the cabinet. As a simple but overlooked part, anyone who is in the know about their benefits is a step ahead when it comes to protecting their electronic investments.