Cool and Protect Electronics for Lasting Results

effElectronics often work overtime inside of 2015 homes and places of business. Computers, stereos, televisions and more are used all day every day by professionals and those seeking entertainment, and although they are built to last by most companies, they still need some regular maintenance.

One way to minimize the amount of maintenance is with the installation of a fan tray assembly. As most electronic components are stored within one area, these assemblies can control dust and debris in and around these items and keep them from overheating.

When a laptop is turned on, one can hear a light "whirring" noise. They often disregard it but that is the internal fan, working hard to keep the internal components of the device clean as possible. This is the same concept as installing a fan tray assembly in a space where electronics are housed or kept.

All Sizes

A fan tray assembly can come in all sizes and with fans in most cases. A standard assembly will have about three fans with space for more depending on the buyer's needs. Optimal cabinet cooling is the main benefit for installing this assembly.

From the right supplier, the fan tray assembly will be prewired for easy installation. The best options are made durable to prevent outside elements from damaging them. Installers should also inquire as to the voltage and about other related accessories such as filters, which often do not come with the fan tray assembly or the fans.


The fan tray assembly is often quite affordable on an average of about $150 or so. It offers the user an easy way to mount several fans for the best cooling capabilities. When compared to the price of having to replace electronics, it's certainly a fair trade off.

Buyers should be sure they are getting the fan tray assembly from a well-known supplier so that they get their money's worth. If all goes as it should, they will end up saving money in the long run!

Other Useful Accessories

While upgrading or installing a fan tray assembly, one may wish to consider other elements that can prolong the life of their new fans and give them the best performance.

  • Fan mounts are one addition to any assembly that is completely worth the small investment. Many find mounts necessary to get the perfect fit within the cabinet. The mounts are rubberized and can help reduce the white noise that comes from one or more fans.
  • As mentioned before, filters are invaluable as they help keep out what little dust makes it to the cabinet and collect even smaller particles to keep them from affecting electronics. Dust build up can cause electronics to overheat and fail.
  • Fan guards are another component that strangely is not always included with fans. Not only do they protect fingers they also prevent other objects from hitting the fan blades and destroying the fan.
  • A dependable power cord is a priceless addition to any assembly. There are actually "green" power cords that are made to turn off when the cabinet or area has reached the desired, cooled down temperature. This can easily save money for the user by using less electricity throughout the day. It also saves time by eliminating the need to turn the fan on and off manually.

Any or all of these accessories in addition to the fan tray assembly can give one the perfect setup at home or in the workplace. Protecting one's expensive electronics is a smart move, and will help truly get the full investment out of them, as well as maximum hours of enjoyment.