Fan Filters Are the Quiet Hero of a Fan Assembly

vgThere's a quiet hero within the fan filter unit assembly for your cabinet that most don't notice or give regard to. It's the fan filter! Silently filtering dust particles it provides many benefits to the electronics inside.

Though most fans come with the filter, they can also be purchased separately from the fan filter unit. Many find they need replacing, or even worse yet that their unit didn't come with one. (gasp!) If the unit is without, the fan is at risk.

A typical plastic fan filter unit is designed for use on fan sizes 40mm to 162/172mm. The most carefully crafted allow the greatest amount of air to flow through them while keeping noise low and preventing electronics from overheating. Don't risk system failure or data loss when these fan filter units can protect the investment with ease.

A Clean Cabinet

Though filters do slow airflow a bit, the tradeoff is well worth it in regards to the benefits for the fan filter unit as a whole. Unless one cleans their cabinet from dust daily, which no one has time for; they will praise the mint condition that their cabinet is in due to the addition of a fan filter unit.

In a home with children, animals and the like it certainly pays to invest in a filter unit to prevent dog hair and dust from clogging up electronics and basically killing them before their time. Then one is left with an even bigger bill of replacing that component rather than investing a simple few dollars on a filter.

Longer Hardware Life

Electronics can easily overheat due to dust build up, it happens every day. As stated previously, with as much as people spend on computers, audio equipment, gaming systems and the like it pays to make a small investment in a fan filter unit for your cabinet fan.

Everyone has noticed how quickly dust can build up around computers and televisions. These devices act as a magnet pulling the dust to them with ease, which is why a fan filter unit is necessary in order to deter that dust as much as possible. Though many computers and such come with a fan installed to do so, it's typically just not enough which is why professionals and smart owners house their cabinetry with a fan to aid in the job.

Can be Easily Cleaned

Though cost for a new filter is minimal, many don't want to foot the bill for new. They'll be happy to know that filters can be cleaned. Most who engage in this method to get the longest filter life possible engage in cleanings weekly or bi-weekly. Even monthly cleanings can make a difference.

Clean your dust filter:

  • Carefully removing the filter from the fan
  • Rinse it under gently flowing, lukewarm water
  • Mild dish detergent can be used
  • A soft rub with the fingers can get stubborn dust clumps off
  • Be sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back

This unit will last much longer and perform better with a regular cleaning, or replacement is always an option.

Filters can be purchased in electronics stores but also online for minimal cost. In fact, many distributors will offer discounts on fan filter units purchased in bulk. It's best to inquire with the company itself to see what offers they have.

Regardless, a fan filter unit is an important investment into the health of the fan, and the protection of all the electronics kept within the cabinet. As a simple but overlooked part, anyone who is in the know about their benefits is a step ahead when it comes to protecting their electronic investments.