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The Apple TV media player gets its digital data from various different sources in order to stream TV shows and movies right on your TV set. The popularity of the device is growing but the problem is that the Apple TV user actually needs to establish a VPN in order to encrypt the digital data that is sent. While this is definitely something that is not at all difficult to do, problems appear when you want to use the Apple TV media player while not in the US. The way in which you would do this is not that complicated but few are aware of what is to be done.

The problem is that you would need to use a VPN in order to be able to get access to all the content. That is quite difficult to do if you do not have technical knowledge. Fortunately, we do have access to a pretty useful solution. We are talking about using an Apple TV VPN. It will allow you to access everything on your US Netflix account without restrictions, even if you now reside in another country. The Apple TV can be taken with you when you travel so this is definitely an option that you would take into account.

How Does The Connection Work?

The basis is really simple. You only need a proxy that you would create to, one that would be based in the US. This is where the VPN comes into play. While in most cases people are going to use a proxy that they find online, you would need to use a smart proxy system. That will help you to easily take advantage of the accounts you set up in Netflix. There are also some app systems that will allow you to connect to a random US proxy or VPN system without actually having to own it or worry about it. In many cases these are options that are paid but you can use some free.

The bottom line is that you would use a special app that would help you to connect the Apple TV gadget to the internet and make it seem as if you are in the US. It is easy to setup the VPN on the Apple TV with the following methods:

  • Through a router that runs the VPN
  • Through a laptop that runs a VPN and would be connected to a hotspot with WiFi
  • Through a laptop/PC that is connected through a VPN with Ethernet

Things To Consider

Look at the different opportunities that are available for you right now and remember that some ways to connect the Apple TV to a US VPN in order to unlock Netflix and similar US based content are better than others. The very best thing that you can do is read reviews written by past users. This is going to aid you to make the correct choice at the end of the day and choose the proxy or VPN that is the best for your current connection need.

byThere are times when you sit and ponder on what present to purchase for a friend on his or her special day. Numerous ideas come across but none matches to your choice or theirs. While we intend to gift something to someone on their special day, we would want to give them something that would come to use frequently if not on a daily basis. One such practical gift is the Android television box. It is something that is useful for anyone who receives it. It has brought about a revolution and has changed the face of television viewing experiences that we had years back.

It is a device that allows you to watch TV shows, watch live videos, browse the Internet, access Android applications and performs all those functions that you would with a smartphone and television. All this while, people found smartphones to be the ultimate innovation where they could perform multiple activities with their fingertips, but this is an innovation that is a step ahead. It is a multipurpose device, and while you gift it to someone on their special day, they would be nothing less than overwhelmed to receive one of these. Here are the few reasons why it serves as a perfect gift.

• Letting them experience something different - Apart from watching the standard television shows with a set-top box, he would have a different experience where he would get to browse the Internet, play games as well as watch TV shows with the help of the web.

• Something to treasure - As it is a brilliant innovation helping people make the most of their television, anyone who would receive it as a gift would treasure it forever. Its multiple features make it a complete package giving them a feeling of using a smartphone on a large screen.

• A complete entertainment package for the entire family - If you present the Android television box to a friend, their family, and friends too would benefit from it. The family can spend quality time together and spend their leisure time performing several activities like watching movies, playing games, communicating with the world and browsing the Internet to name a few.

• Substitute for the typical set-top box - A standard set-top box would be entertaining with several channels broadcasting various programmes but having a multipurpose device that can serve several other purposes can make a person get rid of their set-top box forever. This device is multifunctional and thus can bring the world closer to their fingertips that too on a large television screen.

prrPutting a projector outdoors?

Deploying a projector outside, no matter if it's for advertising, an event or your very own outdoor home theater, there are some challenges you should be aware of.<>#1. Brightness of the projector.

One of the most important questions, is what time of day will you be using the projector outside? This simple question can make or break a solution, because if the daylight is too bright, the projected image will not be seen and it will be a complete waste of time investing in the hardware for this solution. The other option is go for a high lumens projector; however this does push the price up considerably.

#2. Usage - frequently or occasional use?

Again this is another deciding factor, do you intend on throwing outdoor movie parties throughout the summer? If so, investing in the hardware solution is the right answer for you, otherwise if you are only going to use it occasionally, due to other commitments such as golf or the kids, you need to rethink if putting a projector in your backyard is right for you.

#3. Weather.

Are you going to install a permanent or temporary solution? Meaning every time you want to use your outdoor movie theater you have to put all the hardware outdoors and when the movie night is over, put everything back in the garage until next time. A temporary solution needs no special solution, compared to a permanent solution.

Using weatherproof enclosure for projectors could be the answer, as these specialised cases ensure the hardware is protected from the weather no matter what Mother Nature can through at you! A solution can be seen at

#4. Security of your backyard.

Most homes have some kind of security, but what about your backyard? Especially when you are investing your hard earned cash in the movie projector, the last thing you want is to find your video projector stolen!

#5. Movie screen.

What will you be using as the movie screen? You can use almost anything, from the side of your garage or home, through to an inflatable projector screen; these inflatable screens can be found at Walmart for less than $60!

Like everything, it does come down to budget and how much time and money you intend on investing in to your home. Some people go the whole 9 yards and remodel their backyard, to include a swimming pool, hot tub and outdoor movie theater.

#6. Cables and desktop TV box.

Think about how you will get the TV signal to the projector if you intend on screening your favourite football games, or TV soaps. What cables do you need and do you have them in the required length, or will you need custom cables making that are extra-long and robust for outdoor use? Time to do it is now!

Spring is around the corner, summer is not too far behind. So if you are thinking about doing something like this, cover the above possible issues and you will be good to go. Remember that projectors are built for indoor use and not outdoors.