Top 5 Technology Trends for 2016

Our lives are becoming increasingly linked to a variety of things, other folks and our devices. A new IT (information technology) reality should develop with technology platforms and architectures to support the growth of a digitally connected world. You can get several articles on technology which is written by Technical content writer. In this post, I am going to tell you Top 5 Technology Trends for 2016.


  1. Ambient User Experience

Our digital interactions may become synchronized into an ambient and continuous digital experience which defends our experience all over the traditional limitation of space, time and devices. The experience combines electronic, virtual and physical environments, and utilizes the actual contextual data as the user moves from one place to another or as the comprehensive environment changes.

  1. Advanced Machine Learning

This trend is what makes incredible machines appear “intelligent” by allowing them to know the environment concepts and learn it. By using the advanced machine learning, a machine may change the behavior for future. It is growing quickly, and companies should assess how they may implement these technologies in order to gain competitive benefit. Let say, if you have a content writing company and you want to hire high quality Freelance technical Writer, then you will surely post about technical content writing jobs for the writers.


  1. 3D-Printing Materials

In 3D printing, we will see sustained developments with a huge range of materials such as pharmaceuticals, carbon fiber, electronics, conductive ink, glass, advanced nickel alloys as well as biological materials for the applications expanding into military, energy, automotive, medical and the aerospace.

Biological 3D printing like the printing of organs and skin is developing from theory to actual things; although, public and the politicians don’t have a complete understanding of the implications.

  1. IOT Platforms and Architecture

It is a well known fact that the Internet of things (IOT) platforms exists behind the service architecture and mesh app. The standards and technologies in the Internet of things platform form a fundamentally set of possibilities for securing, managing, controlling and communicating endpoints in the Internet of things. In order to make the Internet of things a reality, the platforms combine data from endpoints behind the scenes from technology and architectural standpoint.


  1. Autonomous Things and Agents

Advanced machine learning provides development to an expansion of the implementations of smart machine such as:

  • Smart advisors
  • Virtual personal assistants (vpas)
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Robots

It nourishes in the ambient user experience. Here, an autonomous agent will become the primary user interface. Rather than the interacting with buttons, forms and menus on a phone, the people speak to an application. This is actually an intelligent autonomous agent.

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